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Geogrid expansive soil replacement construction technology considerations


First, when the geogrid is anchored with anchoring steel, it needs to be tensioned by tension beam. The geogrid is elastic material. If it is not tightened, the geogrid will be loose or wrinkled after replacement. Can not play the role of restraining the deformation of the soil.
Second, when the geogrid is filled, the edge line must be overfilled to ensure the compactness of the anti-packaged soil.
Third, the overall large reverse package needs to be pulled from the bottom layer of the geogrid to the top, and the hoisting machine and the tension beam are used to tighten the effect.
The fourth is to strengthen the control of soil moisture content to ensure that the moisture content of the soil material is close to optimal, which is the premise to achieve design compaction.
Fifth, geogrid is a kind of lacing material with anti-aging, good creep resistance, high tensile strength and interaction with filling. Storage and stacking must avoid sunlight, keep ventilation, dry and keep away from high temperature. Source to ensure materiality

Can be unaffected and extend the life of the material.
The sixth is to avoid damage to the laid geogrid. If there are hard protrusions on the surface of the soil layer, it is easy to break or damage the geogrid. Before laying, the site should be leveled and compacted. It is strictly forbidden to directly grind the construction machinery on the geogrid. Pressure.

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